I am a first generation Filipino American who was born in Pasig Rizal, Philippines and immigrated to the United States on December 5th, 1971. Growing up in the United States in the 70s with a very close knit Filipino family, I was taught about both Filipino and American culture. The purpose of this blog is to catalog the recipes that I grew up with as I watched my parents and grandparents cook and tell stories about their upbringing. It is with these Filipino Food Memories that I keep the tradition and flavors of my family alive, and to pass this knowledge to the next generation who can then share it ad in finitum.

When I am not food blogging, I am a Information Security Professional with over twenty years of progressive experience in Information Technology security, operations, and incident response management of high technology businesses. I am highly dedicated to contributing to the success of my employer and to upgrading my skills to keep pace with the changes in business. I possess good self esteem, am motivated by challenge, friendly, outgoing, and able to leverage my inter-personal and public relations skills.

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