[Networking] HOW TO: Verizon G1100 Quantum Wireless Router in Bridge Mode for ONT » Coax Out Setup

This is a tutorial for setting up a Verizon G1100 Quantum Wireless Router into Bridge mode so you can use a router of your choice as the Primary.

Note that this is for users who have an ONT » Coax Out Setup.

1. Use a Computer/Laptop hardwired (Connected via Ethernet) to the G1100 router. Log-in to the web interface of the G1100 by going to – (» or » in your web browser.

2. Click on (1) ‘WIRELESS SETTINGS’ then click on (2) ‘Basic Security Settings’. Turn off both (3) ‘2.4 GHz Wireless’ & (4) ‘5 GHz Wireless’. Click ‘Apply’ at the bottom of the web page. 013. Under the ‘Advanced Security Settings’ click on (1) ‘2.4 GHz SSID Broadcast’ and click (2) ‘Disable’ then click (3) ‘Apply’ to turn it off then click (4) ‘5.0 GHz SSID Broadcast’ and click (5) ‘Disable’ then click (6) ‘Apply’ to turn it off.02

 4. Now that the wireless SSID broadcast is disabled, click on (1) ‘FIREWALL’ and at the warning prompt click (2) ‘Yes’. Under the (3) ‘General’ for ‘IPv4 Settings’ & ‘IPv6 Settings’ set BOTH to (4, 5) ‘Minimum Security (Low)’ and then click (6) ‘Apply’ at the bottom of the web page.
5. Click on (1) ‘MY NETWORK’ and then click on (2) ‘Network Connections’ and then click on (3) ‘Advanced >>’ and then click on (4) ‘5.0GHz Wireless Access Point 1’ and then click on (5) ‘Disable’, once that’s finished click (6) ‘Apply’. Next click on (1) ‘MY NETWORK’ and then click on (2) ‘Network Connections’ and then click on (3) ‘Advanced >>’ and click (7) ‘2.4GHz Wireless Access Point 2’ then click on (8) ‘Disable’ then click on (9) ‘Apply’.
 6. Once both Wireless APs are Disabled, click (1) ‘MY NETWORK’ and then Click (2) ‘Network Connections’. Click (3) ‘Broadband Connection (Ethernet/Coax)’. Click on (4) ‘Settings’ at the bottom, at the next screen uncheck the box beside  (5) ‘Internet Connection Firewall’. Change the ‘Internet Protocol’ setting from ‘Obtain IP Address Automatically’ to (6) ‘No IP Address’ (Once You click ‘Apply’ you will be disconnected from the Internet.) (NOTE: If you want to chose your DNS Server, change DNS Server from Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically to No DNS Server)
7. Now click ‘Release’ and then quickly click Apply, then click Apply once again.
8. Now Click on(1) ‘MY NETWORK’ and then Click (2) ‘Network Connections’. Click on (3) ‘Network (Home/Office) Properties’. Click on (4) ‘Settings’. Once in the Settings, under ‘General’ change the IP Address from “” to (5) “” to ensure that there are no conflicts from both routers trying to use same IP. Under the Bridge section; Check the box beside (6)  ‘Broadband Connection Ethernet/Coax)’ and uncheck the boxes by (7) ‘5.0GHz Wireless Access Point 1’ and (8) ‘2.4GHz Wireless Access Point 2’ then change (9) ‘IP Address Distribution’ from DHCP Server to Disabled. (10) !!!WARNING!!! Once you click apply, the G1100 will be put into Bridged Mode and will no longer assign IP addresses, So don’t worry if everything stops working once you apply the settings.
 9. Hit Apply and connect an Ethernet Cable into any of the ‘Ethernet LAN (4 ports)’ on the G1100 except the ‘Ethernet WAN’ port, then plug the other end into the WAN/Internet Port of your new Primary Router.
 10. Connect your Laptop/Desktop into your new router and reboot both routers. Once they have reboot has completed, log-in to the new router and make sure it’s IP Address range is 192.168.1.X… If it isn’t, please refer to your router’s manual on how to change it.

11. Check to see if Verizon has assigned the new router a Public IP Address (You might need to click Renew in your new router’s settings) If it has assigned an IP to the new Router, you are good to go. The new Router is now the Primary and your G1100 becomes a bridge using Coax (MoCA) to Ethernet.y

NOTE: If you have Verizon FIOS TV Set Top Boxes (STBs), take a second Ethernet Cable and connect it from one port on the new Router to one of the 3 remaining ‘Ethernet LAN ‘ports on the G1100, so the new Router assigns IPs to your STBs and they can access the Internet.

In the event of a power failure if you are unable to access the Internet, verify if the new router’s Public IP is a 192.168.1.X address. If it is, then unplug the second Ethernet cable running from new Router to the G1100. Reboot the new router so it can pull a new IP from Verizon, then reconnect the Ethernet cable back into the G1100 to give the STBs Internet access.